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I am consistently impressed by his professionalism and just how much more Robin seems to know compared to other teachers. Allot a small details that make a huge difference. All the other local teachers could learn alot from him..

M Foster

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find an dance instructor you can trust. Robin Smith was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – NO BS !! His knowledge of west coast swing, where its at now, where it's been and even where it's going is always right on the money... and the level of instruction far exceeds most other teachers. I'm sold !! Keep up the good work!”


Once there was a "ballroom man" who went to a "glow in dark" west coast party. halfway though the 3 hour dance something began to happen inside of him. he stopped counting, patterns went away, and a moment of clarity occurred. he began to dance in a way in which he had never danced before. the music began to internalize inside of him and he became one with the lady he shared a connection with. all the insecurities dissipated like the due off of a blade of grass in the morning light. the warmth filled him and his eyes welled up and overflowed. the inner demons fell silent, as the voice of truth spoke..."you can". my name is Jason...and i am a now west coast junkie. thankz for comming to c'ville, va. take care, j

Have had experience with both Jordan Frisbee and Robin over a period of time - Both are professional, articulate, fun and can identify/convey the little stuff that makes a big difference - Robin is in rarified company indeed and gets the very highest recommendation from moi!! Bob

Robin's attention to detail and all those little things that add up to the total picture of west coast swing is incredible. Concepts and techniques that only a master instructor could possibly know...because very few of the instructors I have encountered in 15 years or so have ever mentioned them. Those techniques and theories matter !! They work !! ..younger dancer's, teachers and wanna be's would be served well to follow his example.. Tony 

 I have attended numerous group classes and workshops, as well as some private classes with him, and he is awesome. J. Colomer

I started in his begining WCS class. I learned the proper footwork and hand holds, He teaches basics the way that basics should be taught. After moving through intermediate to his advance classes, the moves are taught in small segments which make learning a very pleasant experience. I am now in the Chicago area and still go back to NC for his classes whenever I get a chance. I have had classes taught by "The swing daddy" Mario Robau and I would rank Robin Smith right up there with him. B. Draver

Robin is always keeping up with the latest in competition styles and moves and passing them on to his students. He is always in a good mood, very tolerant, and helpful with his students especially those where it doesn't come easily.

Mr Shimmy

Robin Smith....knows his music....knows his dance....and knows his students....and what they know as well....all with a smile... : )

Candy J

Robin always pushes me to my fullest potential, making sure I use proper technique and remember to have fun!

Jennifer C.

Robin has been teaching WCS for a long time and he is always looking for new things to bring to his e students. He really loves this dance and is a big asset to the West Coast Swing community. Deborah

Robin Smith offers three levels of group classes, private lessons and is out dancing socially 2 days a week. In his private lessons, in addition to learning technique and what is current and up to date with west coast swing, he gives students the confidence that everything can be achieved, no matter your starting level. This combination helps keep the WCS community in Raleigh expanding and progressing forward.


Robin Smith is the best! He has the ability to understand the needs of each student, to adjust his plan for the lesson should it be necessary -- and to modify that plan if the student is having trouble understanding a concept or learning a move. He is patient with each person yet firm when he needs to be firm. I have taken group and private lessons with Robin, I have watched lessons that he has given and, on occasion, I have assisted when he needs a female partner for his male student. Every lesson is individualized to the needs of his student. Moreover, as any professional should, he attends many events, watches YouTube videos daily and communicates with others in the dance community to stay on top of trends. I feel very lucky to be in Raleigh, NC so that I can dance with Robin regularly. Jan S.

Robin has great insight into each students needs and his ability to communicate and inspire each student to achieve their best on the dance floor is incredible ! C.A.

Robin Smith has excellent teaching skills, expert knowledge with todays ever changing dancing styles and techiques. Robin is dependable and always available to accommodate my busy schedule. Robin is compassionate, and has a lot of patience when teaching different/difficult routines. Robin is very precise and allows the student to understand what is being taught. Robin is aways seeking further knowledge in order to be a better instructor. Robin carries a wealth of information and it is a pleasure and a privelege to be one of his students. Eileen

WCS Dancing takes time. It's an investment. I feel there are many "instructors, whom are at different levels of instructing". All have different styles of teaching. If you just want to have a very short WCS dance history, just pick anyone out of the hat. If you are going for investment and retaining knowledge, I am able to advise of the knowledge I have and money spent. If you learn from a 'so called dance teacher', opposed to a 'qualified WCS dance instructor', you may regret it if you wish to continue with this art/sport. I personally invest in quality. It's like building a house, one must start with a good foundation.

My recommendation to you is Robin Smith. I cc Robin on this and I hope the two of you get together and dance. Good Luck and let me know how you enjoy...


​​Just left a private lesson just today with Robin so excited, inspired and challenged I had to phone a friend. His patience, technique, attention to detail, concepts and what's important and current is truely remarkable. I practically bounce into... his house for private lessons after dance events so excited to share what I've learned, and then he blows my mind in the first five minutes showing me how to apply it. We are blessed to have him! Alexis

It's so great to remember that the traveling pros are not the only pros out there working hard. Robin - you are awesome and your students obviously love you. Congratulations!!! Debbie Bernard Figueroa.

Robin completely understands the art and technique of WCS and is amazing in his ability to teach all levels of students. Each time I reach a plateau in my dancing, Robin takes me to the next level with patience, skill and joy...he is a real treasure!

Lynn S.

Robin is a master of the intricacies and subtleties of West Coast Swing. He studies to improve his skills in order to provide his students with the best knowledge of technique, musicality and phrasing along with the sheer joy of dance. His... dedication and love of teaching inspires his students to want to learn more and continue improving. These are all traits of a great teacher and a true professional who loves his work and his students. Sylvia M.

I just had a private lesson with Robin Smith this weekend. He showed me how to dance to the music in a different way then I have been doing in addition to working on technique. I know I could go for lessons for ten years and always learn something new to work on. But to leave so inspired to dance in a new way after two years of dancing is truly amazing and appreciated in this dance I love so much.


Its easy to pick the most well know teachers who travel to all the events, but the teachers who feed those events are the ones who work so hard in their area to grow a community of dancers who love what we do enough to travel to events...Robin is one of those teachers, and I for one thank him for all that he does. Robert Royston

Brand new to West Coast Swing. Had the privilege of taking beginner & intermediate classes with Robin Smith at Loafers BeachClub. Excellent teacher, great personality, very personable, eager to help you be the best dancer you can be. Thank you, Robin! Candi Mann

I enjoy Robin's teaching methods, his patient understanding and willingness to adjust his teaching method for each student is a rare trait. Thanks Robin !! Donald Brumfield

Robin is phenomenal. He is a complete repository of Swing history. He ascribes to Skippy Blair's rolling count technique complete with charts. He has trained a large number of talented dancers here in Raleigh. Robin has helped build a large and vibrant WCS community not only in Raleigh but across NC in Charlotte and Greensboro. He thrives on being a sponsor of swing workshops with top professionals like our upcoming August workshop with Jordan and Tatiana.

Robin's teaching style is focused on basic technique to assure you have the fundamentals working as you move into the advanced styling and patterns. Robin is a superb teacher, dedicated mentor and constant advocate for WCS.

W. Scheper

Just wanted to thank you again for coming up and sharing your expertise with us. The private lessons were great, and I think I got a ton of good stuff out of mine. If I can get a few of the things you told me "programmed", I feel it will make a big difference in my dancing. Some things I've never heard explained that way, and all of a sudden they seemed to make sense. Maybe I am just at a point where I can be more receptive, but I think it was more the way you taught it. Thank you!



You rock! Great workshops! Next time, I'm getting a private lesson ! Enough said !


I want you to know how proud I am of your growth and position in the dance community. I can say I knew you when! But seriously, I am so pleased to see how far you have come and how you've increased your knowledge of dance. I wish the very best of success for you and if I can ever do anything to help you, please don't hesitate to ask. God Bless

Linda DeFord Perry

Robin...Thank you so much for being such a fun, knowledgeable, and wonderful coach to work with! You do an amazing job inspiring all those interested in West Coast Swing... from the beginner to the competitor..... your enthusiasm is contagious!

The Ballroom Dance Center

Robin is one of the greatest teachers you will ever take a lesson from!!!

Nick Jones

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